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Essential benefits of a mobile app from Ace Mobile

Customer Engagement

The best thing about using a mobile app is that it gives you the ability to engage with your customers in real-time, 24/7, by location, and complete with profile information.  If done right, you can turn those engaged customers into revenue generating ones. Alert your customers to specials, coupons, promotions, and more with your own app!

Customer service and support

Make it simpler and more efficient for your customers to get in touch with your company by offering them tools to make their life easier while using your products or services.  Customers will be more likely to contact you, check out your products and services, and keep your business in mind when they have a great mobile app at their fingertips!

Promotion and Loyalty

One of the best ways to monetize is offering coupons and loyalty programs. Mobile adds a layer of location-based push notifications to the coupon economy. Imagine clients getting notified of your coupon when they get within range of your business? It works. You can also do loyalty programs right from within your app for repeat customers!

You have control

With our custom back end dashboard you can control as little or as much as you want with your app.  Schedule notifications, check reservations, update latest news, and more.

100% Compatibility

Your app will be 100% compatible with all smartphones and mobile devices.  We will work closely with you to ensure this during the preview stage prior to launch.

Outstanding Support

We take customer support seriously at Ace Mobile Apps.  Whether you just have a question or are under the gun to get a notification out and need some help, we are here for you!


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“Working with Ace Mobile has been nothing short of outstanding.  The end result has increased my business and changed the way I engage my customers forever!”

K.F. – Restaurant owner